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Envía tu propio correo al Parlamento Europeo rechazando ACTA

Es muy sencillo. Envíen el texto de más abajo modificando las partes en negrilla por sus propios datos.

Luego envien a los destinatarios que aparecen al final de este post.

Dear MEP on the INTA committee,

I am a citizen of Colombia, and I am following the ACTA process in the European Union closely. You may have heard from negotiators claiming to represent me by name of my country. I wish to make clear that they do not represent me: the drafting of ACTA has not been handled by people I have elected, nor given my consent to. Rather, this has been driven by old and obsolete industries who want ACTA to legislate their place in their market, legislate it against the citizens and entrepreneurs of the world.

In this, I stand with the citizens of Europe who have rallied against the treaty. This is a global and important matter.

I urge you to reject ACTA, not just for the citizens of Europe, but for those of the world, including me. It locks in an old regime of industries and prevents necessary rejuvenation: it is the industries of the 1970s and 1980s that are fighting against the entrepreneurs who would take their place in a market economy. Rather than competing with better products and services, they go this route in desperation. Also, in this fight, the world?s civil liberties are happily sacrificed by the old monopolistic industries, clamoring for more monopolies and harsher enforcement. The payment comes from us all in forms of our fundamental freedoms ? not just as citizens, but as builders of the global economy.

ACTA lives or dies globally with the consent of the European Parliament. The world is watching ? the next generation of citizens and entrepreneurs is watching. I ask you to vote for the future, rather than the past. Reject ACTA. Recommend the European Parliament to withhold its consent.

I also request to reject any intention of doing a secret vote the thursday.


David Osorio

Los destinatarios son (pueden copi-pegar):

ioannis.kasoulides@europarl.europa.eu; damien.abad@europarl.europa.eu; franck.proust@europarl.europa.eu; tokia.saifi@europarl.europa.eu; marielle.desarnez@europarl.europa.eu; jacky.henin@europarl.europa.eu; harlem.desir@europarl.europa.eu; marine.lepen@europarl.europa.eu; paul.murphy@europarl.europa.eu; matteo.salvini@europarl.europa.eu; gianluca.susta@europarl.europa.eu; francesca.balzani@europarl.europa.eu; david.sassoli@europarl.europa.eu; inese.vaidere@europarl.europa.eu; laimaliucija.andrikiene@europarl.europa.eu; marietje.schaake@europarl.europa.eu; jaroslaw.walesa@europarl.europa.eu; malgorzata.handzlik@europarl.europa.eu; iuliu.winkler@europarl.europa.eu; georgesabin.cutas@europarl.europa.eu; george.becali@europarl.europa.eu; mariaauxiliadora.correazamora@europarl.europa.eu; josefa.andresbarea@europarl.europa.eu; maria.badiaicutchet@europarl.europa.eu; catherine.bearder@europarl.europa.eu; keith.taylor@europarl.europa.eu; david.campbellbannerman@europarl.europa.eu; syed.kamall@europarl.europa.eu; emma.mcclarkin@europarl.europa.eu; william.dartmouth@europarl.europa.eu; christofer.fjellner@europarl.europa.eu; amelia.andersdotter@europarl.europa.eu; miloslav.ransdorf@europarl.europa.eu; jan.zahradil@europarl.europa.eu; libor.roucek@europarl.europa.eu; daniel.caspary@europarl.europa.eu; godelieve.quisthoudt-rowohl@europarl.europa.eu; albert.dess@europarl.europa.eu; silvana.koch-mehrin@europarl.europa.eu; helmut.scholz@europarl.europa.eu; bernd.lange@europarl.europa.eu; bela.glattfelder@europarl.europa.eu; elisabeth.koestinger@europarl.europa.eu; joerg.leichtfried@europarl.europa.eu

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